Three Important Facts:

As RVDA understand the OSHA regulations, unless a forklift manufacturer specifically approves the
OSHA Guide
use of an attachment, it is against OSHA regulations to use the attachment. RVDA is not aware of any forklift manufacturers that have approved the use of an attachment for removing and installing slide outs.
  1. There is liability for an RV service center using a non-approved forklift attachment, should an injury occur during its use.
  2. RV service centers are reporting insurance carriers are not covering injuries caused when unapproved forklift attachments are used.
  3. RV service centers face OSHA fines for using these devices if they are not certified.

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According to a RV Business report slide out issues rank #6 as the most common problems reported by RV'rs.
Below is the ranking:

  1. Appliance failure
  2. Broken spring
  3. Split holding tank
  4. Furnace
  5. Awning repair/replacement
  6. Slide-out issues



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