The SlideOutLift™consists of the following:

  • 4 – Lift Jacks
  • 4 – Upper Stanchions
  • 4 - Outriggers
  • 2 – 16” Depth
  • 2 – 24” Depth Tubes
  • 2 – 36” Depth Tubes
  • 2 – 102” Lift Tubes
  • 2 – 180” Lift Tubes
  • 24 – Safety Pins
  • 16 - Set Bolts
Shipping weight is approximately 300 lbs

Tensioner (tie-down) straps

16’ tensioner (tie-down) straps are not included.
They are available in your local market.

Safety Rules

  • Do not permit anyone to use the SlideOutLift™ unless familiar with these rules.
  • If in doubt about the SlideOutLift™ ability to handle a particular job, consult your supervisor.
  • Never use a SlideOutLift™ that is damaged or improperly erected.
  • Slide out lifting should be conducted on level concrete surfaces.
  • Apply all caster brakes before lifting the slide out from the RV and when used as a work platform.
  • Never move a SlideOutLift™ when anyone is one it.
  • Always install tensioner straps to the lower lifting jacks when the length of the platform will exceed 6 feet.
  • When removing a narrow slide out, 20 inches or less, always install the four outriggers to widen the SlideOutLift™ base.
  • When removing a narrow slide out, 20 inches or less, always use safety straps to secure it to the SlideOutLift™.
  • When the top of the slide out to be removed exceeds 9 ½ feet from the floor, always use safety straps to secure it to the SlideOutLift™.
  • Do not climb on or stand on horizontal braces - square tubes.
  • A SlideOutLift™ should never be overloaded (maximum load limit is 2,800 lbs.) A 30 ft. slide out with a galley requires two SlideOutLift™.
  • Inspect all SlideOutLift™ components regularly.
  • If lumber is used for scaffolding planks, they must be properly inspected and graded for that purpose. Also, planks must have cleats installed to prevent planks from sliding off the end supports.
  • Ladders or makeshift equipment should never be used on top of the SlideOutLift™.
  • Always tighten all set bolts before lifting.
  • Always install safety pins when in use.
  • Always lift or lower the SlideOutLift™ using all 4 jacks together. Never have one corner or end more than 1 inch higher or lower than the other corners.
  • Always use two people to assemble the SlideOutLift™.

Caster Safety Tips

Caster failure can occur due to misuse or abuse. Dropping the load instead of setting it down can damage the casters due to shock or impact.
  • Do not drag the casters sideways.
  • Allow the casters to turn with the direction of the lift.
  • Do no exceed the rated capacity of the wheel or caster.
  • Do not exceed a rolling speed of 3 MPH.

Gear Lift Precautions

To avoid lift gear damage only use a cordless drill to lift the SlideOutLift™ to the slide out then use a 3/8” ratchet/ wrench to actually lift the slide out. Do not use a cordless or air impact wrench!

Storage Recommendations

When the SlideOutLift™ is in storage configuration always tighten set bolts to prevent components from coming apart. Always make certain the outriggers are securely inserted into storage plate receptacles.



  • Price: $2,995.00